Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A lot has changed

So, in case you haven't heard. Our world was turned upside-down on September 8th, 2010.
My biological father Rob contacted me on August 28th. He was from Clearwater, Florida. My parents had separated when I was 6 months old. After the divorce was final, My mother re-married her 1st husband (my older brother's father) Ronald, and they had my sister Calyn. Sounds completely normal, Right???
I am a middle child with a different father than my older brother and younger sister. This is something that I have spent the majority of my life feeling horrible about. My mom and Big Ronnie (the father that raised me) were absolutely wonderful to me. I didn't find out that Rob was my father until I was 15 yrs old and Rob's son, Bryan (age 25 at the time, my half brother) paid me a visit to a public pool to inform me he was my brother. Obviously, as a teenager I was mortified! I chose to not meet Rob at this time. I had a mother and a father and I didn't feel any need to meet a stranger at that time in my life. Over the years, we had minimal contact. Age 18 he came into my work to give me my birth certificate, Age 25 I called him on the phone (after being persuaded by my husband Shane). The phone conversation was very ackward. He explained to me that he had a heart condition, and "didn't think he could handle talking to me". That was the last I heard from him until this August, 10 years later.
I chose to meet him Sunday August 29th. The lunch again, was very ackward. I was able to tell him how I feel and he was able to open up to me about his life. We parted with a hug and an "I'm Sorry". I texted him when I got home saying, "I am sorry lunch didn't go well, I feel it is only right to forgive you, but it is going to take time, maybe next time you are in town you can meet the girls". We agreed to email and text, he gave me his niece's and best friend's phone numbers to get to know about him a little better. The next 10 days, I had conversations with both, learned of his life. Rob offered to "co-invest in you and your daughters' future" by paying off my student loans. For this I was very appreciative and was able to thank him over the phone. I said, "you don't know how much this means to us, and how much this is going to help us".
The next night, I recieved a phone call from his best friend stating that Rob had passed away. He was surrounded by friends showing them some pictures of my family and me and the girls that I had emailed him. He had layed down between two cars, palms up and appeared very peaceful. My contact information was written on a tiny piece of paper in his shirt pocket.
I have not been myself since this happened. I was able to find the peace and forgiveness that I never thought I would. But I have so many un-answered questions. I wish he was able to leave me some guidance, or instruction. He was a very hard-worker almost to a fault. He was not good a relationships. His family has been very helpful and understanding of our relationship, for them I am grateful!
I will write more, I just felt I needed to get this off of my chest. I have been so afraid of writing or saying something I shouldn't. I am not ashamed of my past, my life or my parents. I feel very blessed!

Flip Cam

I have wanted a flip cam ever since we borrowed a friend's to take to Disney.
I am gonna try to upload a video.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mexico 2010

My Mom and Sis at Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa!!!My cousin Michelle, posing with an iguana!Aunt Crissy and Uncle Jerry, Parents of the BrideThe crew in the miles of pool surrounding the resort!The boys chillin'I say the best meal yet, authentic mexican and peach margaritas!"Swingers Bar"My Lovely MotherMom, Michelle, Calyn, Carli and MeSo I am guessing the red flag means no swimmy in the oceanThe Bride chillin in the shade!My Lovely Sister, it was really fun to get her out of the country!Dusty's sister Nicki, my fellow photography buffWe really don't wanna go home!
Here we are all in Riviera Maya Mexico for Carli and Dusty's Wedding. These are the shots from the beach and vacation, the next post will be from the ceremony. We had a great time and such a huge turnout for a delightful couple!

Summertime Fun

"Shake Weight"

Thank Goodness Payton is no longer afraid of the water

and it looks like Paigey has no fear either!

Doesn't Everyone get their har cut outside???

Sisterly love at the Botanical Gardens.

We didn't make it there as often as we would have liked too.

It was pretty hot this summer!

Our Big Recital

Here we are at dress rehearsal, watching all of the other classes perform!
This years recital is fantastic!
Here we are on the big night. The girls didn't feel well. I was a bad mommy and gave them motrin, apologized to the other parents... the show must go on. They were troupers and did awesome. I was so excited to see them on stage together! The recital was at the same auditorium I had all of my recitals as a kid, talk about bringing back old memories!!! Steppin Up Dance Studio Rocks and we love it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

DogWisdom News

Calling all dog lovers!
DogWisdom has great news! While I am continuing to do in home lessons, I have also branched out into a new location!!! Happy Tails!!! Located at 2920 N Lindbergh Blvd, Happy Tails offers fantastic daycare, boarding, grooming services and now DogWisdom Dog Training Services.
Whether you are a completely satisfied customer wanting a re-fresher, one-on-one dog training, or group classes we can help.
Courses Now Featured at Happy Tails Inc.
· DogWisdom 101 (pay by the week, daily drop off and pick up program)
· Board and Train (pay by the week, dog stays overnights for the week)
· Leadership Seminars (Learn about the importance of Leadership in dog training, Seminars offered twice/month, People only)
· Kindergarten Classes (puppy classes, one night/week, 4 week course, open enrollment)
· G.E.D. Classes (Basic obedience class, one night/week, 8 week course, open enrollment)
Please do not hesitate to call me anytime about in-home private dog training lessons and forward this email to any dog-loving friends. It would be greatly appreciated if you pass our name along to anyone getting or thinking about a new addition to their family. We truly appreciate your support. Thank you for supporting DogWisdom, I couldn’t have done it without you!!!
Call Shane at 314.494.980 or Happy Tails Inc. 314.291.3647Print this email and receive 10% OFF any training service!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Easter was beautiful weather this year.
We hosted at our house, had great food and a fun easter egg hunt for the kids.
We also got to sit outside and enjoy the new patio set.

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