Sunday, February 21, 2010

The best thing about being a nurse, is not to have to work mon-fri. I get to try to schedule around the girls school parties. Luckily this year they were on separate days too.

Ali Fiona Fudge

Champion French Bulldog Ali has been here two weeks.
Looks like the pup is here to stay.
She is really good with the girls, super cute but has her own little quirks
that hopefully dogwisdom can fix pronto!

Commercials get you everytime. Pdog saw a build a bear commercial for a valentine puppy. We of course they were sold out, but we made a bear and a bunny. It was so much fun for the girls for valentines day. Now that they have the animals maybe we can just add outfits for them.

Matt and the Princess

This child is so demanding she will make you ride her around like a horse and she is the princess, and make you carry her wand in your mouth. Geez, it is hard to be a princess

100th day of school

P-dog celebrated 100 days of school. The parents got to come to the celebration. We did projects, got to hear them recite a cute 100 days of school poem, slideshow of pictures and cake! All of the parentals also noticed how the poor kids art boxes were sad. Half stub crayons, non-sharp pencils etc. Then looking above there were boxes and boxes of pencils and crayons in a huge clear box up on the shelf. At the beginning of the year when we had to bring school supplies they were all dumped in together. Do I dare ask if the kids can have refreshed supplies or do I just sneak her some new in her backpack?

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