Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mexico 2010

My Mom and Sis at Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa!!!My cousin Michelle, posing with an iguana!Aunt Crissy and Uncle Jerry, Parents of the BrideThe crew in the miles of pool surrounding the resort!The boys chillin'I say the best meal yet, authentic mexican and peach margaritas!"Swingers Bar"My Lovely MotherMom, Michelle, Calyn, Carli and MeSo I am guessing the red flag means no swimmy in the oceanThe Bride chillin in the shade!My Lovely Sister, it was really fun to get her out of the country!Dusty's sister Nicki, my fellow photography buffWe really don't wanna go home!
Here we are all in Riviera Maya Mexico for Carli and Dusty's Wedding. These are the shots from the beach and vacation, the next post will be from the ceremony. We had a great time and such a huge turnout for a delightful couple!

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